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History off the site

In 2002 I started a site under the name “Elektronica Schema’s Online”, about a year later i had to make a site in school for my informatics class. This site was a copy of the old one but with a better template (The previous one was in flashy colors) The new site was called “The circuit pages” and has been online for about 3 months until I changed the name to “Elektronica Stynus”. Over the next months there are many projects added to the site.
In April 2005 fusions and “Elektronica Schema’s Online” together to 1 big Schematheek (what means circuit library in English). Because of that I thought that the circuits had to go off my site and on the Schematheek site. After that this site became my project site. This site is now the second version and the Schematheek is on its third version.
In November 2010 I started translating this site to English to reach a bigger public. The Dutch site will stay available and will probably be more up to date then the English one.

The blog came online in December 2010.